I just ordered this 16 GB Ariaz player. I want to put my albums on it in WAV format (because it is the best sound quality) yet Songbird does not seem to support WAV files.. When I try to transfer a WAV file to the Ariaz songbird automatically converts it to an MP3 which I do not want (great programming guys).

The other option which I can think of is to copy the WAV file to the Ariaz not using songbird.. However in that way all your music files regardless the folders artist names or album titles, or song numbers, your songs will be allmost randomly placed in one big folder called "unknown", your artists are unknown, your albums are unknown..
Well to me this does not sound like a very convenient way to store WAV files on an MP4 player.

So here is my question: Is there a way to store WAV files on this Ariaz so that you can have subfolders for each album and put the songs of the album in the right order (like starting with 01 and ending with 12 orso). Please let me know.

Best regards,