I've had a NP 3500 for about two weeks and have two rather annoying problems.

1. When I change control sources (eg. first I stream music using an Android app, later I use the remote controller), the device often freezes and I have to pull out the plug to reset it. It also freezes from time to time without any apparent cause. I use Media manager and Bubble uPNP for remote control.

2. No matter where and how (Media manager, myTwonky, Bubble uPNP) I try to do it, I can't remotely send Shoutcast streams to the device. It does not play them and it often freezes afterwards. This is not a problem e.g. with Bubble uPNP or XBMC renderers.

I use the device through wired Ethernet and it seems to be working ok otherwise.

I also have a feature suggestion - since I use wired Ethernet, it would be nice if I could use the built-in WiFi interface to extend my Wi-Fi network reach. As it is, the interface is sadly unused currently