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I planned buying the 'Cinema Gold' in the not too distant future and was a bit upset by Philips plans. The main question is: Will Philips keep developing new firmware software and enhancements for the 50pfl???

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@ Andreas Willershausen: looking back to Philips's update history, I expect there will be new firmware releases but only to solve minor bugs. But don't expect to see any new valuable features like USB recording without the use of internet coming to the 2011 range. For that you'll have to buy a 2012 or later TV.

Anyway I think at this moment Philips managed to fix most annoying bugs for the 2011 range:
- Random crashes
- CI+ module no image bug
- PNM always on bug
- Local dimming bug (doesn't apply to the Gold model)

So if you're satisfied with the current features of the Philips Cinema Gold, than buying this TV is a good choice. You'll get a good price for a cinematic format TV, that works great for both movies and television broadcasts.

There is still one major bug to be taken into consideration with the 2011 TV line and that is the incompatibility with other Philips's high end sound devices (HTS's and Soundbars) when Easylink is active. If you want to read more about this, then take a look here: http://www.supportforum.philips.com/...50PFL7956H-12) Philips says they can reproduce this problem but there's no fix yet.

So expect we might see 1 or 2 more software updates for the 2011 series after all but nothing too fancy.