Why are the BBC stations not available in the Dockstudio software used with the Philips Android docking stations?

The issue is not with the BBC, as I already own a copy of Tunein Radio Pro, which allows me to access the BBC stations on the same phone and play the streams through bluetooth to the dock. The Philips software uses the Tunein Radio engine, but seems to both suppress the BBC stations and ignore the standalone Pro version of Tunein.

I want to be able to use the remote control and alarm functions with BBC stations. This is unbelievable. The software is incredibly unreliable and badly written too: bluetooth pairing is inefficient and unreliable (but works perfectly outside of the app), the user interface is badly designed and buggy, and one cannot choose the media player one wants to use (such as one with DLNA functionality).

If I don't get a sensible response I'll have to return the dock and write damning reviews, as UK buyers need to be warned that the BBC stations have been suppressed by Philips on this dock and that the software is 'in progress'.

Philips - you need to recognise that a product is ready for release when the software is finished. You can't release decent hardware like this 12 months before even half-decent software is available. I wouldn't even rate this software as beta. Neither do your customers, reading the terrible reviews on Google Play for both the Fidelio and Dockstudio apps. I can't imagine how, but the reviews say it used to be even worse. In addition, why doesn't the Fidelio app page say that the application has now been replaced by Dockstudio?

I look forward to your response.