I have a question concerning my new 32PFL3017T/12.

I've tried to do the picture settings as well as I can (reading the manual, trying different kinds of settings etc.) but I'm still not satisfied with the picture quality.

Could you please tell me, which would be the best settings concerning these:

backlight (0-100)
video contrast (0-100)
brightness (0-100)
colour (0-100)
sharpness (0-20)
noise reduction (off/minimum/medium/maximum)
tint (cool/normal/warm/custom)
digital crystal clear:
advanced sharpness (on/off)
dynamic contrast (off/maximum/medium/minimum)
dynamic backlight (off/best picture/best power/standard)
MPEG artifact reduction (on/off)
colour enhancement (off/maximum/medium/minimum)
gamma (-4 --> 4)

EasyLink: on or off and Pixel Plus Link on or off?

I'd be very happy for your help, thank you already in advance!

Best Regards,