Hi booyah,

today I've re-installed the app. Same bad behaviour than before. That means no function of the "switch channel" function in the TV guide. This is AGAIN very disappointing. I'll banish the app from my Ipad.

Not only this app works very bad. Even the TV software has many comfortable features, wich are missing (and which are standard in other TV sets).

But meanwhile the firmware works reasonably stable stable and is, well, "ok" for me. Since several disappointments I use the TV only as a monitor with a setop box and do not use smart tv, internet functions, recording functions (think about the pesky IP-EPG ) etc..

Meanwhile I think spending time with a Philipps TV is just an annoying waste of time. I trustes in several tests of some magazins. I don't now what they are testing, or maybe they' get money for a good test result.

My first and last Philips TV


42PFL7606K02 with latest firmware, "the new Ipad" with latest MyRemote app, BDP 7600 Blu-ray player