The market is completely lacking in a certain type of TV at the moment, one for a perfect gaming experience. Most TV's are plagued with input lag. Not only from the control signal lag, but the lag from slow pixel response. Input lag in 3D mode is usually higher in 3d mode as well.

3D gaming is also an area with significant limitations. The biggest being the lack of full 1080p support at 60hz (per eye). 24hz, is just not enough obviously and introduces huge amounts of input lag in addition to the obvious flicker at 24hz. Therefore 3D gamers must game at 720p on a 3DTV. Silicone Image sells the necessary solution to this problem in the form of a 300mhz HDMI port processor which is only $1.50 more than the currently used 225mhz chips when i checked last year on their website.

I prefer my 46" 3DTV in 3D, even in 720p, over my last monitor for PC gaming, which was a 2560x1600 Dell 30" and i think thats saying something. I believe 3d will keep growing in general, but much faster in the gaming market due to the fully realistic 3D possible in games vs. the often lackluster dimensionality of 3D seen in movies. If you've never seen the difference between movie 3d and gaming 3d, please educate yourselves by watching a video i made specifically to demonstrate fully realistic 3D (load onto usb, then watch on your Tv). The difference is huge and it effectively lays the game's world out before you and is jaw-dropping brilliant. It is basically a window to a holodeck, only limited by current graphics technology and resolution. Please see it for yourself if you doubt that and keep in mind the effect non-scaled, non-compressed data would make. (Please do not use a console game to test 3D out without utilizing a workaround to give you realistic 3D dimensionality -which is lowering the screen size value in the options.)

Here is the video

One other useful thing might be non-input lag inducing frame interpolation for 2D use, but especially for 3D use, which would make the decrease in framerate when using 3D mode less noticeable and more bearable since it basically doubles the framerate.