Hello 3 weeks ago i bought Philips 3000 32PFL3017H/12 since then every thing was fine with my tv except the fact the i was not able to get signal form all digital channels but i think that is the problem is coming from my cable provider but an other thing happen yesterday with my tv and i think is gonna be very serious issue.My tv was working constantly like 15 hours without to be switch off and than i switch off from the remote control and than after hall an hour i want it to turn it on and than what happen i press the power button and i don`t get any pictures or sound the screen remain black without sound or pictures sensor light is on red and when i try to press one of the buttons from the remote control red light sensor is blinking but at the end nothing the screen remain black with out sound or pictures and it pass more than 24 hours i still have the same issue.So i`m asking for any advice if any one can tell what can cause this issue i really have no idea what really happen before that the TV was working fine but now i think i have serious issues and i just bought it 3 weeks a ago