I recently bought a Philips 32PFL3517 TV. When I first used it, it worked fine. When navigating the menus I didn't notice any unusually high latency.

One day later the CAM-Module arrived so I began installing it. I first checked for new firmware updates and installed version 2.12. Then I registered the card, I put it in the CAM-Module and inserted the CAM-module in the TV.

My TV now seems a lot slower when I try to navigate the menus. This doesn't only happen when I want to check the TV guide, it also happens when I want to select a device like the DVD-player. Sometimes the TV just doesn't respond at all when I press a button on the remote, even though the red LED under the Philips logo does blink and I noticed the same problem when trying to turn the TV off using the on/off button on the back of the TV. It doesn't make the TV unusable, but it is very annoying.

Is there anything I can do to make the TV fast again?