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    55PFL6007T HDMI ARC against Pioneer VSX-921 BIG PROBLEMS!!!

    Hi Philips

    OK, so I've read a lot about this HDMI ARC on the net to try figuring it out myself before posting this. Both devices are running on newest firmware. Both are connected to the internet, so it is quite easy to verify.

    NOW, I've only have one HDMI cable to my TV, and down to my amplifier.
    (Amplyfire end is in ARC-plug, and the TV end is in HDMI 1) ARC activated on both devices. Every other devices runs through my amplifier.

    I've turned off Easylink Auto start, as I don't always want sound from my amplifier, but sometimes only on the TV ( a wife thing ) - so no need for the amplifier to automaticly turn on with the TV.

    I coulden't get it working, then I sat down and read the manuels on both devices, and found, that I should disconnect everything form my amplifier EXCEPT the TV. Shot down mainpower. Then turn on the amplifier, wait about 10 seconds, and the the TV. AND WUALLAAA ;o) it works.

    But now to the sad part. IT ONLY WORKS SOMETIMES !!!! ?????

    An early morning: , my wife started watching some children TV, without the amplifier on. Then my children wanted some music, so she changed the channel to MTV, and turned on the amplifier. ------No sound out from the amplifier.

    Later that same day: I come home and try myself, thinking she must have done something wrong. But sadly no. I coulden't get it working either. So I turned everything off. Turned it on again, and it worked. ?????

    Day 2: Everything worked fine that day, no problems at all, made me think it was one of those one time deals!!..

    Day 3: It happend again. Turned everything off, and on again. Did not work ?? - turned off the main power, and the on again. Started the amplifier, but this time with everything connected to it (remember I still only have one HDMI connected to the TV, and that is the amplifier), waited for 10 seconds and turned on the TV again. And everything was working again

    Day 4: Turned on my devices, and the sound was working, but this time, the reciver didn't change HDMI as told by the TV, when chaning source on the TV, as it used to.

    Day 5: Turned on my devices, my TV, says it has found a new device ??? - it's my amplifier - What the FDGDG ??? - well OK, select and done, and it works again. This has happend MANY times since then, and thats even with the newest firmware on the TV, that should fix issues like this.

    Now the conclusion is, that what I have descibed these 5 days, periodically happens again and again. Sometimes the audio dosen't work, sometimes the TV finds a new device (ggrrrr), and sometimes I just explode.

    What is wrong with this ARC ??? - I thougt it to be the greatest thing ever, also telling the wife we only need one cable now ;o) Am I doing something wrong ?= Is it really that hard to make this ARC work?

    Please help me, as I am going out of my mind, trying to figure this one out.

    is my TV broken ?

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