I have an 32PFL7486M/08 TV (firmware connected to a HD Humax Satellite STB (HDMI port).

I've found that the 4:3 SD channels having black bars on the top and on the bottom of the image are not autozoomed after power-on (both "cold"=switch and "warm"=remote button), as it is set in the display options.
To have this feature, I must select another HDMI port and then re-select the initial one.
At this time, the TV is able to autozoom the picture after zapping on the channel.
All is OK until next power on.

The problem is common to all the TV satellite TV channels that transmit a 16:9 source in a 4:3 SD stream.
Before flashing the lastest firmware I don't remember any problem with autozoom.
Has anybody found this bad behaviour on his/her TV?