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I have the same issue described by Ladman. It is present in HD and SD. It is not broadcast related since I have it on ESPN America and Eurosport HD in different events. It is HDNM independent. Basically the TV garbles the bottom few pixel rows in the score and logo. In my case is more visible in the in the score. It is located in all the corners of the TV since in US Open was in the lower left corner and in American Football wtas in the top left and right corners.

Another interesting fact is that HDNM has issues processing the same areas. In my opinion the two behaviors are related.

I am using the TV tuner DVB-C and CI + so the issue is not source related.
Do you get the same issue for example playing a game on xbox or ps3? (if you have these) - I wonder if the game scores in the corner of the screen show the same issue