V3.46 is released to BDP5500/12, /98, /55, /05, X/78, /93, S/51, K/51 and BDP5510/12 and BDP6100/12 only

V3.46 includes the following changes:

• Correction on Russian translation in menu.
• Fix a bug when HDMI audio is set to bitstream mode.
• Acetrax and Maxdome video on demand service is available.

Note: After upgrading the firmware, follow the steps below to reset the device to factory settings:
1. Switch off the player.
2. Switch on the player.
3. Go to Setup Menu (Do not go to Easylink / Preferences).
4. On the remote control press UP to scrolled to ADVANCED.
6. The player would automatically restart.

The former firmware version includes the following changes:

• Fixed the issue wherein a USB device or SD card is not detected by the BDP, if Fast Wake-up mode is set to ON. (V3.32)
• Additional French and Russian menu languages for Skype (VideoCall). (v3.28)
• Improved video de-interlacing. (v3.28)
• Improved support for Upnp and DLNA media servers. (v3.28)
• Fixes an issue where the BDP will hang-up in Setup menu (Easylink and Preferences) found in 3.17. (v3.28)
• General improvements in system stability. (v3.28)
• General improvements in Skype (VideoCall) user interface. (v3.28)
• VideoCall (Skype) is added to the home menu. Add a new dimension to your calls and contact your friends and relatives as if you are there. Simply plug in a selected* Skype™ camera to your home theater or Blu-ray player and enjoy HD video and excellent sound quality from the comfort of your couch. Use your familiar list of Skype™ contacts from your current Skype™ account and start calling! Skype™ camera is sold separately. To purchase, visit: www.freetalk.me/philips. Refer to the FAQ in the product support website for more information on how to use VideoCall.(3.17)
• System stability improvement. (v3.17)

Kindly download the software at www.philips.com/support