V1.52.00 is only released to HTS9241/12, /51

V1.52.00 includes the following changes:

• Improved Audio Sync
• Fixed system bugs

The former firmware version includes the following changes:

• Fix auto standby issue (V1.47.10 MCU v27.13)
• Fix issue with RWSS5510 Wireless Rear Surround module (V1.47.10 MCU v27.13)
• Solved no sound from speaker issue (Version 1.27 MCU V27.12)
• Improved playback performance (Version 1.27 MCU V27.12)
• Improved User Interface (Version 1.27)
• Improved Ipod Dock usability and robustness (Version 1.27)
• Improved playability (Version 1.27)

Kindly download the software at: www.philips.com/support