I'm a new owner of the 32PFL3517H TV and I have a few issues/questions already.

My "complex setup" is as follows:

HDMI Side port: Windows 7 laptop (TV configured as "extended desktop", so both displays are on)
HDMI port 1: Windows XP computer (TV being the only display for this computer)

When I switch from laptop to computer (using either SOURCE or HOME keys on the remote controller), some applications on the laptop will be "thrown" to the main laptop's display. I know this is also a Windows feature (i.e. when physically disconnecting an external display, all applications are moved to the main display, and returned when re-plugging). In this case, they're just moved to the primary laptop display (despite the fact that the TV remains connected), so I have to rearrange them when I switch back to laptop (Winamp, for example, is not moved).
(In some cases the applications remained on the TV screen, but they were thrown to the laptop's display when I was switching BACK from the other computer to the laptop).
Is this a bug or a feature? In any case, are there any workarounds?

When I switch from laptop to computer, the input is not recognized -- I get "No Signal" displayed, and I have to unplug and plug back the computer's HDMI in order to get the picture. Not sure if this is safe, but so far it seems the only way to make it work (apart from completely restarting the computer and starting the "session" on that port/computer).

Bottom line is, I'd like to be able to switch between the two computers smoothly and without the aforementioned annoyances. Is it doable?
(And yes, all patches and upgrades are installed, and all drivers (including the TV's firmware) are up-to-date on both computers.)

By the way, are there any differences between the three HDMI ports, or are they all equal?