I have bought a new Philips TV 42PFL6007H/12 two months ago, 2nd July 2012. All was working fine 3D, Smart TV ...
Three weeks after TV was crashed. I called to technical assistance and they take away my new TV on 2nd August.
A month later 10th September they return me TV repaired (?). They said me that had changed "control card".

But now my nightmare continue: Smart TV donīt works.

The Network configuration in setup seems to be good, IP adress, DHCP, DNS...all is OK.
I have done ping to the ip from my computer on the same network.
STEP 2 connexion screen is OK
STEP 3 after a few seconds "Signing Time out" or "Server not found - Try later"

My router is configured without network limits (all outgoing requests are allowed). Indeed TV worked fine in July.
I have reseted the NET TV cache but SMART TV continue without connectivity.

I have sent mail with TV data to NetTV.Support@philips.com.

Could you please help me?