Hello! I have a problem with my display goes black (with a sound that the graphiccard disconnects) - a thin line shows - display comes back on again after a few seconds. This happens randomly, but mostly quite short time after turning the display on. Sometimes its more frequent than other days.
I have a Phillips 40" 3D Smart Led-TV (40PFL5527T/12) as pc-display, ASUS motherboard (M4A89TD PRO/USB3), AMD Firepro 3D V5800 graphiccard. All's bought 15 months back.
I've talked to the Norwegian Phillips Costumerservice, but they could'nt help at all. I've updated everything of software, drivers, bios,...well, all I can think of.

Does the 40PFL5527T/12 need a newer graphiccard ? Or what the hell is wrong ?