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    optical out distortion with 47pfl7606H/12

    My 47pfl7606H/12 is connected with optical out to my amplifier, so my sound of my television is put on mute. I have distortion on this signal, I know that my amplifier and cable is ok, because with an other device (PC) I do not get distortion. The distortion is not predictable, sometimes it is gone, sometimes it is there for a couple of days. The distortion itself is a kind of plop or frequency shift that happens randomly and also the number of events is random from a couple of times per minute to once in 10 minutes, and also the effect seems to be low or high in a random matter (somethings it is there, but you can hardly notice it).

    In my opinion it seems to be a hardware/software problem, probably in certain specific situations the software cannot handle the amount of data or there is a hardware buffer problem. Just guessing :-)

    However is this a known problem and is there a way to keep the tv in such a setting that the distortion does not happen, I already have the latest firmware and also I did not see any fix in the firmware updates related to the optical output. If it is not a known problem should a send my TV to be fixed and how can they even find the problem if it so random as I described above?

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    Hi Lemming,

    Welcome to the TV forum!

    Could you please tell me if you get the sound distortion on all the speakers?

    I would recommend the following:

    -Please restore your amplifier to factory settings.
    -If possible please try another cable or another TV.

    If the issue persists please send me your personal details through a Private Message and I will forward it to your local customer care.

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