Hi I from Spain,
First sorry for my English (use google translator)

Have 40PFL7605H/12 To date I have had no problems for a few days but misses the DLNA.
First I have connected via the RJ45 cable televison.
Use as a DLNA server windows media player 12, but I've tried more than one.
When I watch a simple AVI file begins to play properly but after a while it stops and the TV displays a message "has lost connection with the DLNA server."
I turn off and turn on the TV and everything works again ok for a few minutes until it returns to give the message.
I've tried several different computers and operating systems (XP & 7) with the same result.

The funny thing is I have a bluray BDP5100/12 connected with RJ45 cable from the bluray and I can see the whole movie without problems (as before towards the TV)

On TV I have the latest firmware (Q5551-

Any suggestions? I'm going crazy