Iím (I guess, was) a proud owner of a 42PFL 9803 led TV.
On the 3rd year of operation, the panel, without any specific cause, has stopped working.At first there were small signs of bluring and then went all black !!!
Iím wondering if this is something common or not?
By the way, Iíd like to express my big big disappointment (I wonder am I the only one with this problem?) with the fact that just 3 years ago, I paid 2.500 Ä for a superior Philips TV model and now I just donít have a TVÖ
I donít know if this is the right place to express my complaints , but I could use some adviseÖ.

The story goes like this :
The panel stopped working, so I had to transfer the TV to the authorized service and paying 20 Ä for just checking it!!!!
After one week , I had to call them back and not they, as they had to, just to tell me that my TV is not repairable.
For just being sure , I transferred the TV to the second available authorized service , just in case that the first had misjudged the damage, but unfortunately I got the same answer.
That happened on the end of July 2012 .
Since then Iím in a continuous annoying and disappointing procedure of complaints and telephone conversations with the service and the customer support department .

I Ďve just reasonably asked them : apart from the fact that I canít accept that a such expensive model broke down, since you donít give me the right to repair my device, then give me another or a similar one.
I believe, itís unimaginable and unexpected to spend so much money and that within the 3rd year of operation the ďso expensive and superior ď TV model of Philips presents such a serious damage!!! and it's not repairable ?????
I have expressed to the customer service, so many times all these 2,5 months my big disappointment but still no answerÖ.

I remember as a kid, when it was about an electrical device, my parents were always telling me : we should buy a Philips, they donít break and they work for life.
I guess nowadays this is no longer trueÖ!

A so so unsatisfied and disapointed customer.