This is really just a quick check as I purchased a 47PFL6007 and theres a couple of things that have me worried.

Firstly, when the TV was first taken out of the box and switched on we noticed a couple of vertical white lines for about 20 secs. This vertical white lines di change position a couple of times, but then the TV proceeded to boot up as normal. Did anyone else notice this?

Secondly, we've noticed that when there are strong quite intricate shapes shown (usually clothing) the picture becomes a mass of moving black and white squares where the shapes are. I know, this one is quite hard to describe without showing it, but its very noticeable when watching tv but if you look at this page this is what we witness http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=moi...w=1600&bih=775 . Has anyone else noticed this?

Thirdly, when switching the TV on tonight, the PHILIPS logo appears, but tonight there were several vertical lines shown above and beloew the letters of the logo. We haven't observed this in the last 4 days we have had the TV.

I'm now worried we have bought a dud, but of course it could well be just things what will be fixed in due course. I had a Philips 42PFL7603 previous to this telly and I'm fully aware of the software updates as I spent nearly a year having to do updates on that one, but in the end it was a great TV.

Could someone either tell me I have a faulty TV or its something that people are aware of, even just to put my mind at rest.