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    I own a 46PFL8007 TV.
    Current Software : v150.87
    TV has been reinstalled from scratch to be sure everything is set to factory presets.

    I unfortunately get some troubles with my TV set.

    "Physical" issues :
    a) Stand problem :After assembling the stand the TV hangs (TV is not horizontal : the left corner is lower than the right corner).
    Answer (from DadGommit) : (Dutch) Philips customer service knows this case and should be abble to provide a new stand.
    b) Mura effect/Clouding : by watching dark or black images and depending on image profile used (preset profiles or personal profile), or during zapping beetwen 2 channels (short black image), i can see several white spots on the screen. It's worse during 3D (because backscreen led light is increased) and white clouds are more visible. Very very annoying.

    "Software" issues :
    c) Smart TV : impossible to register online on the TV itself. The process ask to follow the instructions in the email received and to finish the registration online on the TV itself but it does not work : SmartTV systematicaly says something is missing in the process and proposes to do it later.
    d) Smart TV : Internet browsing and navigation inside a web page is horribly low. Very often, i lose the pointer during 1 minute as if the CPU was totally overcrowded.
    e) Source choice : when i change the type of device associated with a HDMI port (let say BluRayPlayer type associated to HDMI1 for example), my choice is systematicaly changed by the TV to another type (changed in DVDPlayer in my example - another case : HD digital receiver changed in Digital receiver).
    f) TV button on the remote controler : does not work. I'm using a source (let say HDMI1 for example) and want to go back to TV source by using this button on the remote controler, it does not work.
    g) HBBTV : does not work with French broadcaster "ArteHD" (channel 7), but works well with "Arte" (same broadcaster but SD, channel 57).
    h) (Internet) EPG : When i choose a program in the EPG and try to use the feature "Watch now" it does not work.
    i) (New) Audio sync : i was not sure it was an isolated issue or not, but i have an audio sync problem when i watch a TV program : audio and image are not sync whatever i use internal TV speaker or external speaker (optical out to a 5.1 amp). I tried to change audio delay in the configuration sound menu but with no effect.

    j) (New) Smart TV : Internet browsing on makes the TV crash !
    if somebody could try this i would be interested to know the result...
    - connect to
    - synchronise your smartphone with the TV by using the code provided on the youtube portal
    - choose a video with your smartphone (should be displayed on TV screen)
    - crash of the TV set !!!!

    I hope i will have solutions quickly... it's my first time experience with a high end HD TV LCD set and i must admit i'm disapointed.
    Thanks for your help.
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