I live in France and having had an excellent ambilight set for many years it now has to be replaced.
My problem is that we have new furniture which includes a cupboard which will JUST take a 37"set.
First off I went looking for the 37pfl9606h/12 as shown on the Philips website. None to be found anywhere.
Next stop the 37pfl6777h/12. 2 dealers claimed that they had them but both were to far away to support the warrentee/installation etc and so refused to sell me one. My local Philips agent has tried three different stockists all of whom claim that it does not exist despite the fact that again, it is shown on the Philips website.
I have talked to the Chat Line ad nausium only to be told that both models exist but they are unable to help me locate one.
My local stockist is tearing his hair out as he watches a sale of a TV and a 3d Blue Ray Home Cinema system fade away but he can get no more info out of Philips that I can. How can it be so difficult to buy Philips products? If I wanted a Samsung there would be no problem!
\any help will be gratefully received.