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    Browser impossible to use??


    This is the worst browser i have ever seen in a smart tv (on any device actually). The delay when navigating a website is anywhere from 3 seconds to the tv just not reacting anymore (endless loading bar of doom) and then I have to unplug and replug it. This pretty much happens on any website. Additionally I feel like I am browsing with 56k dial up speed. Streaming video or audio most of the time won't play at all, most websites just get stuck , so does the TV and i have to reboot it (Pressing the Back Button results in a black screen. On the other hand, Apps like Media Centers from certain TV station work like a charm in HD, so does netflix. But the browser is useless in this state. Anyone else experiencing this? I have two TVs both with the same problem. Both are connected by LAN cables to 32MB internet.

    My TVs: Two PFK7509
    Software: QN141E_012.003.038.128
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