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    The 9600 doesn't deliver what's promised, period.

    I have had nothing but problems with this 500 euro player, even had to sent it back to Philips after a week,
    they replaced the transport and said it worked fine.

    They also said they tested my analogue output and that it was working fine, well I still can't get it lipsync.
    Out of poor frustration and months of gathering dust ( I was getting sick trying to watch my favourite movies like
    a bad synchronised bruce lee movie) I decided to watch them with the digital output and couldn't get it lypsync

    Luckily I could get it done with my receiver but then that wasn't why I bought this 500 euro Philips player for in the first place, I
    could have bought an el cheapo and get the same result.

    Today it starts refusing playing brand new blu rays again, I have had it with this player.
    And don't tell me to sent this player back to Philips 'cause I already did and they told me it was working fine. (after they fixed the transport)

    And now you are waiting for a patch to fix this problem? I don't believe it's gonna happen and we are gonna be
    left behind with a worthless player and some comments in this forum and that's it.

    Kind Regards,

    from someone that is never gonna buy any philips product again for the rest of his life.
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    Yes, I understand you feelings and I am nearly in same situation. I bought this player because of Marvell Qdeo and and analog output BB DAC-s. Also find lip sync is not working on analog output and get information from this forum that fix in firmware is not possible - it is hardware problem, very hard to believe.
    I find that OPPO BDP-93 and 95 (they had same MT8530 Mediatek series bluray player core chip) had analog output delay possible:
    As Oppo noted in firmware release notes that they had corrected analog output delay with firmware.

    BIGGGG disappointment.
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