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    Can I write txt and save it with Philips Smart

    Greetings, I am new, and this is my first post.
    I am from FYR Macedonia

    Want to ask few things about Philips 42PFL8007H

    1. Is the 200hz motion rate native for 1920 resolution
    Or 200 applies for lower resolutions ?
    2. Can I use wireles keyboard and mouse for writing and internet (how to do it)
    3. Can I use skype for video calls (how)
    4. This is most important for me.
    What wolud be the best way to write and edit big txt documents on Philips and than save it. Only simple texts.
    Or can I write text and save it on usb stick, and later open in on PC in MS Word ?
    I want to write with Cirilic Support (is it possible)
    I would be VERY HAPPY if it is possible to use only my TV and Keyboad, for writing txt, without use of PC
    And later I would open it in MS Word in my PC and print it

    Thank you
    If you have already discussed this, pls send me link
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