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    My experience with Philips in English (request Moderator)

    On request from moderator her my story about my experience with Philips in English.

    Her it already starts: can’t even post my story in my native language ,Dutch. Philips was a Dutch company in earlier times I thought.

    End of 2010 I bought the 46pfl8605h/12. For 1800 euro. A beautifully and good television. Friends and colleges had the same and where speaking good about it.
    Early 2011 the television was broken for the first time. “That can happen” we were thinking so we phoned Philips customer care. The repair company E-care came to fetch the TV and gave us a loan TV. After a week it was fixed and our own TV was back. We were so happy whit our Phillips that we bought and of 2011 a matching Philips sound system , a soundhub. This was already broken after a month in January 2012. Again phoned with Philips customer care and the Belgian repair company came to get the soundhub to repair it. First the repair parts took a long time to order ,then the repair parts were not available and then they said that it was not repairable and I got a new soundhub. So it took about 3 months before my soundhub was back in my home. After that my Philips television started to act weird. It went off and on, on its own. Rapidly, like every minute.
    Again contacted Philips customer care and again the firm E-care came too fix it. Unfortunately the repairman had the wrong spare part (processor) with him for this problem. He took the television back to the workshop. Again unfortunately he had no loan TV in his car so we watched television with the laptop for the next two weeks……the TV was repaired (new screen) .
    Now the 1st of September the TV was broken again. A 4cm black moving Colum at the left site off the screen. Again contacted Philips customer care and again e-care came to collect my TV. This time I said to Philips that I think the TV is a bad product and I would like a new one, a replacement. It is the third major repair within the warrantee period of 2 years. So understand that I am not talking about the many phone contacts whit Philips customer care where the little problems we encountered are solved by hard resets or new software updates. We did this time got again a loan TV.
    After a week I contacted again Philips customer care . I call them 2 a 3 times a week for status update and every time I get a different person on the phone. Phone back appointments which never happen and so on and so on. The second week I got an email whit a replacement offer without extra money. The offer was a 40pfl7007h/12. I would accept the offer if the TV was in the good size ,a 46” TV!!!!. That was my TV size….. so , again I called them that my TV was a 46”. Again Philips customer care has to contact Philips???? For a new replacement offer. I got the feeling that they didn’t believe me that I had a 46”tv. (which is in there repair shop .and the size is in the repair dossier. And ,on request, I emailed them the purchase receipt with the correct size).

    So now we are in the 4th week !!!! that we have a loan TV and still no new replacement offer.
    They (Philips customer care) told me they contact me this week but I am afraid I have to call them myself so is my experience.

    My family always says “it is a beautiful and good TV…..when it works” and now the say “we would be lucky to get our replacement before 28th October” (Birthday son ). My family is saying this since 1 September and I said that they are negative but now we are getting closer and closer to that date………
    So now I end this story and keep you updated hopefully end of this week..

    yesterday (4-10-2012)I called philips home dervice (e-care, repaircentre) again and they would call me back cause they didn't know what the case was. later that day she called me back (yes!!! she did what she said) and said that a e-mail was send to philips for a request for a replacemant-tv , again. same as the week before and the week before. After that i called philips customer care if the could speed things up. she was very friendly and she tried too inform internally phlips for the status, but a replacement is taken care by e-care and philips home service and not by philips customer care.
    Today is friday (5-10-12) and I am waiting for another call from e-care. Also today it is 4 weeks ago that i have a’s taking a long time.....4weeks to replace.

    Just after writing this I got a call from the lady from e-care if I would accept a new 46PFL7007h/12 for a replacement!!!!yes!!!!!
    Finally.(5-10-2012) I accepted and she said that next Monday she would send the request for the replacement too Philips. I asked her "how long will it take before I have the television at home" and she answered that most of the time it takes 2 weeks...................

    funny thing is that after 20minutes her colleague from e-care called me to say that there was an email out to Philips about a replacement or restitution and that I would get an answer next week. then I explained her that her colleague just called!!!!
    She said sorry and that it apparently was arranged just before and that she couldn't know because her colleague went home.

    I blame myself that I was not adroit enough to say that i prefer a restitution above replacement.
    The main reason that I prefer a restitution is that: when I buy for that money a brand new television , I get 2 years warranty, guarantee. Now i get a replacement but you keep the old warranty so over a few weeks i don't have a warranty anymore with a brand-new television.!!!!! it seems strange but the rules are clear about it on internet and in the documentation.

    Maybe Philips can be good-hearted for my problems with Philips and offer me warranty on my new Philips-replacement television...
    Probably I will call them after I get my replacement for this.

    11-10-2012 I called for a status update. Philips home service (e-care) said that the replacement was claimed with Philips and that I have to wait.

    17-10-12 .I was called by e-care in the evening. The lady gave me a update and said that the email to Philips was send and that I had to wait at least 10 more days before the television was in the repair shop..................................
    Then I told that lady that I was told at the 5th off October that the TV would be ordered and should be in by now.!!!!!

    Then the lady didn't know it anymore. she said too me that i should call e-care at friday the 19th October if the television was in the repair shop.

    19-10-2012. today I called e-care and the miracle has happened. the television is arrived and we made a appointment for next Tuesday 23-10-2012.
    I asked if the replacement television is brand-new but the lady would not confirm this. she said that the television is delivered by Philips.
    next week I will update the story again.
    have a nice weekend
    Last edited by chris b.; 10-19-2012 at 10:01 AM. Reason: situation update

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