I recently purchased a 40PFL8007K TV.
The USB recording works most of the time (set aside a few error messages sometimes like "disk not formatted" and so), but I have one strange issue that is constantly present.

When I try to record (or pause, for that matter) a broadcast on National Geographic Channel, the TV records the TLC channel. Always. Also via TV-EPG or IP-EPG. I tried several things, like:

* A new automatic install of the digital channels
* Removing or reorder either NGC or TLC in Favorites.
* Unplugging the main power, wait a few minutes and plugging in again.
* Installing the latest TV firmware.

Nothing helps.

Note I only have this problem with the NGC/TLC combination, not with the other channels.

Does anyone else have a similar problem?
Is this a bug in the TV or has it someting to do with the provider (Onsbrabantnet in the netherlands)?

I hope someone can help me.

Best Regards,