Hi, I have a new sb7200 Shoqbox and got it to work right out of the box. I love the design, the rugged construction and the sound was very nice -- quite good actually, big full, nice volume control and crisp highs (I was surprised). I want this to be a keeper. The unit worked fine the first time but since charging overnight, it is not working. I may have a defective unit and will return it for a new replacement. However, I want to make certain that I am understanding how this unit is supposed to work and be certain that I am not doing anything wrong. I have read the onsite support and manual.

I am hoping that some of the users out there can give me some tips.

• I cannot tell whether the battery is charged or dead. Even when plugged in. Is the "mode light" supposed to remain on? I usually get a "blue light" that goes off after 5 seconds. Sometimes I get nothing.

• I have trouble turning the unit on and off. Mode button once for on. And Mode button hold down for off. However, I am not sure whether the unit is on or off. I don't get a consistent experience. Sometimes a bright blue light on for a few seconds then off. Sometimes a get a variety of chime sounds. Sometimes I get a voice notification -- ready for bluetooth connection but I can't get the connection to work. Once I got the set your voice language.

Mostly -- how do I tell ON and OFF and battery usage.

• Tried resetting the speaker with the paper-clip. Again, not sure what if any effect this had.

• Bluetooth connection to an iPhone 4S was easy the first time but subsequent times (and right now), I can't get the devices to see each other. Tried resetting and forgetting the phone.

• First time it played -- no interruptions. Used it near a bluetooth mouse and while working on computer. No problem. Today, the Bluetooth would drop out every 5-10 seconds. Yesterday ok, today not.

• After an overnight charge, tried to sync it in my car -- where I want to use it most -- could not get any connection, even when plugged into the USB car charger.

Any Bluetooth or Shoqbox tips from experienced users would be welcome.

I think this product could be a big hit. Is it the nature of Bluetooth or is my unit defective?

Thanks. -- John