Hi all,

This is my first post on these forums, I hope I have chosen the right area to post this!

We have a lot of images on our NAS (QNAP TS-459 pro) now I want these to show up on our 8 TV's (42PFL7606H/12 the 7000 series)
So we also bought 8pcs WIFI USB-adapter and connected it to our Network

Then I have created a very basic HTML page with some javascript to show up a slideshow.
So we have 8 TV's showing different slideshows out of different maps on our NAS (which has a build in webserver)

So far so good, but for some reason the transitions between the images are real ugly
It seems that the TV browser is not capable of handling javascript

Does anybody has experience with a full screen (important!) slideshow in a browser and a philips tv (NET TV)
(I have also tried the build in Multimedia Station on the QNAP, but this has the same problem)
And no the images are not to big (average 70kb per image)