Hi All,

After watching TV reviews in the net and according to the fantastic pictures of Philips 2012 TVs, I finally purchased a new Philips TV model 42PFL6007K/12.
After connecting to the internet through wireless connection, the TV informed me that there is a firmware updates: QF1EU- (current was QF1EU-
After reviewing the logbook file for this update, I saw that in version 133.4.0 there are picture improvements, so I decided to upgrade my firmware to the newest version 133.5.0 which including also the old one: 133.4.0.

Now, I'm facing with 2 problems:
1. According to the user manual can be found in Philips TV (under Help menu), the "HD Precise HD" should include the following feature:
• Pixel Precise HD:
— Perfect Natural Motion
— Clear LCD
— Super resolution
— Advanced sharpness
— Perfect contrast
— Dynamic backlight
— Colour enhancement

In fact, my TV's Pixel Precise HD menu has the following:
— HD Natural Motion
— Clear LCD
— Advanced sharpness
— Dynamic contrast
— Dynamic backlight
— Colour enhancement

Is it software bug, or written mistake in user manual?

2. I have some issue with "Micro dimming demo".
When entering this demo, the following is appears:

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When entering to "Micro dimming demo" preview the next lines appear:
" ! Micro dimming demo"
" ! Press <font face='philipsum'>b</font> (Back) to stop the demo".

After that, a normal preview of "On" and "Off" micro dimming is playing, and then (after approx. a sec) something strange appears:
As you can see in the attached pics, the whole screen is getting black and white for 3 seconds, returns to its normal Micro dimming On and Off preview, and once again the black and white picture is coming.
To stop this, and in order to return to normal function, I need to push the "return back" bottom on the remote control.

Since the first step was to update the latest firmware, I don’t know if the above is an old or new issues related to the new firmware.
Is this normal behavior, do I have a problem with my Micro dimming feature? Or do I have software/firmware issues?

Thank you very much!