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    Picasa App on 32PFL5806

    Hey everybody

    I tried the Picasa App today. Typed in my Email and Password and the TV returned invalid login. Tried on my Laptop, worked. Logged out on my Laptop and tried again on TV, invalid login. Changed the language to german and typed in the Password again, invalid login and the language was again english. attached a USB keyboard, the TV recognizes the keyboard and asks for the country settings, I can navigate through the Apps with the keyboard but USB keyboard is not working in the Picasa App.
    I tried about 7 or 8 times to login, I always get invalid login. I typed my password in the Email-section just to see if the characters are correct and they are.

    Firmware is 0.14.95

    Any help is appreciated

    Regards Joerg

    edit: just saw that I`m in the wrong sub-forum... sorry for that...

    edit 2: I also tried the "other username" (<username>) several times with the same result
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