I have the BDP5200/12 3D Blu-ray player, but I have quite some BD's which don't play correct. It's like the left and the right frames aren't in sync. I tried some of the BD's on a Panasonic 3D player with the same TV and it plays like a charm. So the problem is in the BDP5200/12. Or maybe a setting? Although, allot of my BD's do play correct.

Some examples:

- Prometheus (EAN 5-039036-054478)
- Gulliver's Travels (EAN 8-712626-054030)
- Drive Angry (EAN 5-060223-764801)
- The Green Hornet (EAN 4-030521-724938)

- Titanic (EAN 4-010232-057686)
- The Avengers (EAN 8-717418-365677)
- Pirates of the Caribbean (EAN 8-717418-324452)

What to do? Is this something I can fix by settings of my player? I have more BD's which don't play right.