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    Lightbulb Undefined behaviour of the TV when connecting to DLNA: some tips....

    Some people on the forum report that their TV shows strange behaviour when connected to a DLNA server, like rebooting, can't get connected, does not see the server, etc..
    One of our posters (tnx "weijte000" ) experienced similar issues with his setup, but was able to solve it in the following way:
    1. Remove all attached devices and run the network for a day, see if the problem persists. If not, it's one of the connected peripherials.
    2. Do a factory reset on (at least) the router. Disconnect all connected network devices like NAS devices. Test networking with direct connection to the router and internet and no other devices attached. Then start adding the other devices again one by one and test after each device.

    Some additional tips:
    3. Take care that ALL network connected devices run the latest software version.
    4. Do not select only the 802.11n wireless standard in the router setup. The (older) TV's cannot handle this. Always choose 802.11b/g/n (multi standard).

    Hope this will help in some cases.
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