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I've experienced this problem many, many times, thinking it was a problem with my NAS (media server). I've solved it simply using a second adsl router with adsl connection disabled, between my original router and my 40PFL7605H.

It's a 7 years old adsl router I wasn't using. I now it's an other device, another plug, more connections, and many more little lights flashing all the time, but I'll live with that.
Seems incredible that the solution to Philips DLNA fault has to be that customers must add extra hardware equipment in order to make it work.

If this is the case, then perhaps the easiest solution is for people to go out and buy themselves an Apple TV device to hook up to the TV as a wifi receiver/media player... I noted last night that my XBOX's media player worked perfectly to stream media to the TV, so that's another solution.

I still don't think its acceptable that Philips sells "DLNA enabled" TV's that are clearly incapable of delivering what they are advertised to do.

Worse yet, that Philips just ignores the problem. They clearly don't give two hoots about their customers.