I fell compelled to find the answers before I end up writing a negative review! I bought this head unit a few weeks ago to replace a tired unit in my MG. I thought it looked quite appealing and with a dock for the iphone too. Now I have a few gripes and hope someone here can shed some light on this before I give up and take it back as not fit for purpose!

  1. Everytime I turn the unit to iphone I get the same track playing in the track A-Z listing. It is annoying the hell out of me and there is nothing to stop this from happening.
  2. Radio reception, why is this so poor? when my old unit was excellent and that was not exactly a top quality one.
  3. Car Studio App keeps crashing, it turns itself off at random and doesn't like landscape much.
  4. Bluetooth-tried this once and aborted the idea. Tried to call home and got deafened by the noise! Seems everyman and his dog could hear it, it appeared to be defaulted to maximum volume!

I really want this unit to work as one would expect but I feel I have been misled and let down by the items mentioned. When the advertising blurb clearly states "Works seamlessly with your iphone/ipod" I wish it really did! know I am not the first one to have an issue with this so come on recognise there is an issue and ensure there is a latest software fix for this. Also there is little point in writing an honest review as no doubt it wouldn't get published. So for all those here with issues please find a resolution.