I have the Philips 50" (Model 50PFL3807/F7) tv and just bought a Philips SoundBar (Model CSS2123/F7) and I can not get it to work with the tv. I hooked up my iPhone thru a audio cord thru the Music iLink plug and it worked fine. I can NOT get ANY sound to come out thru my SoundBar thru a normal red/white Aux Audio cable. I have a xBox hooked up thru the HDMI 1 input also and normally watch movies thru that and would like the SoundBar to work for that also. I do NOT see a HDMI slot on the SoundBar.

How do I hook this dang thing to my TV? Can I change the settings on my TV to make this work correctly so I can use the SoundBar for the TV AND my xBox or just one of them?