I have just bought a 47PFL4047T, and it is running the 092.000 firmware.
As I often use the headphone out jack on the TV for keeping it quiet for my better half, I was very surprised to see the solution Philips has chosen for volumecontrol of the headphone jack.

Rather than doing it like every other manufacturer (Automatically muting the speakers and use the volumebuttons on the remote for the headphone jack), the TV keeps two different volumelevels -> The speakers', which is controlled from the remote, and the headphone's -> which you have to jump through A LOT of menus in order to control.

Does anyone know a workaround for this, or is there simply something I´m missing?

- This is definitely a deal breaker for me, as the difference in volume between the different connected sources as well as the various content from these sources can vary considerably. Consequently I often get either scared by supervolumes or irritated by low volumes, and have to jump though all these menus every time.

If there is no workaround/fix/wrong, is this a feature that Philips could consider adding? - At least a switch for selecting which volume the volumebuttons on the remote is controlling?
And if so, what timeframe for adding this would realistic? (I'm willing to be a beta-tester if wanted).