I bought a HTS9140/12 with a TV set 42PFL7675H/12. Last week I bought a wifi usb adapter WUB1110/00 to connect the soundbar with my network. The TV is already in the network. when I plugged in the usb/wifi adapter in the port behind te soundbar didn't see the usb/wifi adapter. When I used the usb port on the right sight it worked! This is strange? The MYREMOTE app on an Ipad(2) both latest versions software doesn't see the soundbar? I understood the app or sounbar software will not be upgraded for use toghether? This is not OKE! the soundbar and TV where bought together. The soundbar was the most expensive soundsystem on that moment. It should be normal when Philips updates software to use the HTS9140 with the "MYREMOTE" simply share app! and maybe an update for using the right usb port (on the behind wich is indicated "WIFI").