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    Thumbs up Your experiences with FW v0.93.0 for 4xx7 and 5xx7 series (2012 models)


    please use this post to share your experiences with this new SW version. Using your input will make it easier for others to search and find relevant information.

    IMPORTANT: After upgrading your TV, it is necessary to perform a "cold start". So, after the TV has finished the Update (and the TV is running again), shut down the TV and wait 2 minutes (untill all components are shut down). Then, unplug the TV from the mains (pull power cord) for a few minutes before starting again.

    This latest software version solves the issues below:

    Q554E_0.93.0.0, Q554M_0.93.0.0

    • HbbTV application is not working. (Only applicable to country, Czech Republic)
    • HTTP Live Streaming is not working.
    • Wrong characters shown in EPG for Slovak language.
    • Improved BBC iPlayerís functionality and performance.



    IMPORTANT: If your TV menu language is selected as Portuguese, follow the instructions below:
    ē After you have inserted the USB flash drive to the TV, please wait for 30 seconds. The software upgrade starts automatically.
    ē If the software upgrade does not start automatically, disconnect the power cable from the power outlet. Do not remove your USB flash drive. Wait for one minute then reconnect the power cable, the software upgrade starts automatically.
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