since the firmwares 140.xx the TV in the title (7605, 8605, 9705) has many problem with DLNA server

i tried TwonkyServer 6.x, MiniDLNA, TVmobili

the TVs say : unsupported file not able to execute

- all file play done via usb
- before upgrade to version 140.xx i use Twonkymedia without problem
- i make many many test with twonky techichan without found a solution
- i tried twonky 6 with PhilipsHTS9540 Bluray, all working !!!
- when i have firmware version 75.xx i used twonky without problem.

i found other user with 7605 and 9705 on qnap and twonky forum, and they all have the same problem

please !!!! solve this problem

thank you