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this is not helping, but avoiding answering the question.

I recently got the Horizon UPC box, with TV 32PFL5604/12. Every couple of minutes or so, the screen gets a different shade (blue/green overlay). It sometimes disappears again after a couple of minutes. Only solution up to now is using scart cable iso hdmi. This is of course an unacceptable solution as quality is quite poor.
Same situation here. This issue is however not new for me, I sporadically connect two different PC's to the Philipps and the same thing happens as with the Horizon box. A workaround is to switch to a different HDMI input and then back again, but it's annoying and I blame Philipps as three PC displays using HDMI do not show this problem when I connect them to either the PC''s or the horizon box. I guess it's time to buy a Samsung TV, less money, more value