Hello all,

I have the Philips 42PFL7422D/37 (42" LCD). I am having a very frustrating issue with the headphone-out (3.5mm TRS connector) jack. The problem is intermittent; sometimes I have sound, and sometimes I won't. I only use the TV in HDMI mode (HDMI1 assigned to my home theater PC via HDMI capable video card, HDMI2 assigned to my XBOX360). When the headphones and/or jack aren't working, they don't work for either HDMI1/2 modes. The last time this occurred, I tried different pairs of headphones that I tested with other devices and are known good -- all to no avail. I've also since upgraded to the latest firmware ((Version: English, Date published: 2008-05-06) in hopes that this is a software issue.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Please let me know and whether you have and whether or not you were able to resolve the issue.

Also, in order to clarify, the built-in speakers work just fine at all times.