I bought a Philip 32PFL5606H TV a year ago and it has been working just fine. However, last week the following message
pops up when switching channels:
The network data changed. Do you want to perform update scan?

If I click NO the message will temporary go away but will come back again when switching to another channel.
If I click YES it will perform a channel search/scan and do so for a couple of minutes. It will then return the message saying that it has stopped. Not sure if that is a good or bad message. It would have been better with a message like failed/interrupted if it did fail and completed/finished if it did complete successfully. Anyway, the message keep on poping up after the scan has completed.
The software release the TV is running is TPM62E 2.03. Noticed that there is a newer version available. Can this problem be related to the firmware? The TV is connected via a coax cable to a central system shared by all apartments in the building.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.