Hello to everybody!
During the last few months I bought two identical TV sets 32PFL55K/12. Equipment runs quite fine. Wanted to optimize the closed circuit TV cable a bit (adjusting the antenna amplifier at the entrance of the TV cable in my home). During this operation I noted that all the antenna cables were under current (my security screwdriver with a neon control warning light turns on). So I started to disassembly the whole cable salad to find the source of the creeping current: it were the cable antenna entrances of both brand new PHILIPS TV sets!
I thought: use your old trick: turn around the electricity plug of each of the TV sets and that will do!

But the result was negative: the antenna connectors (both the earth line and the antenna line) remain under current on both TVs.

I have another TV set and a video recorder on the network (which now all are under current) and I am afraid that this creeping current might damage this other equipment.

1) Please check if your PHILIPS TV also putts high voltage on your antenna lines (screwdriver with neon bulb will light up) and inform me about the result of your test
2) Is somebody out there with a viable solution?

Best regards, Ernesto