Just bought an AS111 and using it with a Sony Xperia Neo V. Have downloaded Dockstudio and have used it as an alarm succesfully, after initial problems with having to have the media volume turned up on the phone and getting the screen lock to work rather than having the screen constantly on and shining in my face through the night.

The manual is great for docking the phone but doesn't give any recommended procedure for undocking.

My problem is, that when the phone is docked, the screen timeout and lock work fine, but when I undock the phone, the screen lock and screen timeouts no longer work, despite them being turned on and a delay being turned to 15 secs in the phone. I've tried exiting Dockstudio, clearing the cache even force stopping it but nothing works. The display is a big drain on the phone battery so I like to keep the screen timeout and lock on. The only way I can get it to work again is by restarting the phone, which I don't want to have to do every day. Am I missing a setting somewhere? If I am, please let me know where it is as I've been through the whole menu set on my phone.

I'm running Android V.2.3.4