Hi. I am experiencing some problems with my 9706. Regardless of source, which could be blu-ray on BDP9600, PC, PS3 or TV I sometimes get these 10-15 cm wide areas along side both edges of the screen which are much brighter than the rest of the picture. I have attached some images of the problem, from TV and blu-ray.

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I have not seen this problem reported anywhere else, so is there something wrong with my TV-set? I also have a serious problem with subtitles causing the entire picture to dim up and down, but seems to be a widely described problem, but I am pretty sure the last software update made it worse on my set. the same goes for the banding/dirty screen effect which seems to be apparent on these series.

So, what could be the cause of this problem? It seems to be affected by the perfect contrast setting. It also gets worse if I move slightly sideways away from the center of the screen, to either side.