My Ariaz will only power up when the USB is connected but stops with the display "Updating 30%" and proceeds no further. The PC does not recognise it when it is in this state. SongBird 2.6.1 does not recognise it. If I connect in repair mode, the PC see it as "Actions USB2.0 (HS) WinUSB Device" but SongBird doesn't see it. Attempted to repair it by using the SongBird tool, with the Ariaz in repair mode, the status says that "The device must be connected in repair mode to continue. Please follow the instructions below to set your device to repair mode." The box where the instructions should be is blank. I tried following the instructions for SA4RA series but when I followed them, I get an error stating that there is a network error and I should check my connections...

SongBird 2.6.1 Build 6.1.2265 Rev 813 Firmware: SA4ARA
Win7 Ultimate 64Bit

Error log:
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