Hi all!

Bought this yesterday and had it fitted to my car by Halfords.
All the research I did on the unit indicated it was quite compatible with music applications on the iPhone but I don't seem able to get my music playing through the car speaker system when docked!

At the moment the unit only seems good for charging my iPhone while I drive, but even then I can't get any sound out of my phone. I tried navigating with Apple Maps (bad idea in itself) and the iPhone docked into the unit however the lack of audio output made it a nightmare to use.

I'm fairly confident that the unit is supposed to output audio from my iPod in the manner I want it, and is compatible with apps such as Spotify but much searching on the internet is proving fruitless.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

NB. I noticed a firmware update is available for this model however instructions indicate the unit should be in 'airplane mode' for it to recognize the firmware file on a USB stick??? I cant find any reference to this mode in the user manual at all!