I also posted this on the german forum.

Our 40PFL8606K/02 is now just 2 weeks old and it seems the ambilight is already defect.

The 2nd LED group on the right side seems to be missing red. It just displays yellow.

I tried to set all base colours using jointspace's ambilight demo, but this seems to just work on the left side as the right side remains dark. All LEDs off.

I also tried the commandline:

curl http://$PHILIPS:1925/1/ambilight/mode --data '{ "current":"manual" }'
followed by

curl http://$PHILIPS:1925/1/ambilight/cached --data '{ "r":255, "g":0, "b":0 }'
The left side appears in bright red, the right side remains dark.


curl http://$PHILIPS:1925/1/ambilight/cached
show all the set colour values for both sides.

I also tried switching it off and on again but it didn't change anything. I did not try a reset as Idon't know yet how to do that. The newest Firmware was installed shortly after I received the TV.